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Student Interview Days (September 22-26, 2020)

The world’s gone virtual. And so have we.


Every year, COCPA brings together “soon to be graduates” and helps match them to firms looking to add new talent. We have chosen to embrace this new, virtual world with more opportunities — for both students and firms. No more time limits. No more space limits. No more travel limits. Let’s do this.


You must be a COCPA Student Member to participate.


Scholarships for Colorado Accounting Students

Founded in 1958, the Educational Foundation of the COCPA provides scholarships to students in Colorado who are on the path to a CPA career.  Scholarships of $2,500 are awarded for the fall term and may be applied to tuition, textbooks, fees, and on-campus room and board.  Applicants must be members of the COCPA and must be full-time juniors, seniors, or graduate students attending eligible Colorado colleges and universities.

Other Scholarship Opportunities


The AICPA offers nine different scholarships to students and educators.


A list of various organizations offering accounting scholarships.


Online scholarship search tool.


For ethnic minorities who are currently enrolled as full-time students.


A website offering general information about college funding.


Become a COCPA Student Member

COCPA student members enjoy all the great benefits of membership at only a fraction of the cost. For only $24 a year, you gain exclusive access to the people and resources, and you prove you are serious about your professional direction.

  • Scholarship opportunities to support your education
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The COCPA Intern Platform

Join the COCPA Intern Platform to get matched to internships and other COCPA benefits for young professionals. Utilize the dynamic resume tool to create an up-to-date resume with one click – at zero cost to you.


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AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop

The AICPA Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop, May 12-14, 2021 in New Orleans, LA, aims to strengthen students’ professional skills and understanding of the limitless possibilities and benefits of earning the CPA credential.


Participants will participate in learning sessions and panel discussions covering a wide array of topics such as developing leadership skills and passing the CPA exam. They will also have the opportunity to interact with CPA professionals who will share priceless knowledge regarding career opportunities in accounting and the value of networking.


Applications open from November 1, 2020 until January 18, 2021.


Student Night Reception

The Colorado Society of CPAs invites students and professionals to a non official setting at our Student Night Reception. The COCPA would like to give students and professionals in designated chapter areas the opportunity to network and share questions and views of what the profession is and will become.

For Students:  This is your chance to connect with professionals in your area and talk one on one about what is on your mind as you take the road to becoming a CPA. There are no interviews, no expectations. Just an opportunity for you to chat with seasoned professionals and get their expertise that you might not know. Also, we  give you lead questions to ask CPAs and if you get 5 questions answered, you have a chance at a $50.00 gift card. You must be a COCPA Student Member to participate.

For Professionals:  This is a great opportunity to see the CPAs of the future and talk to them about their concerns and how they would like to enter the CPA profession. Also, to share your experiences from how you decided to become a CPA to where you are now. This is a significant chance to meet with up and coming CPAs who are going to create the CPAs of the future.


Please note that while there is a $10 registration fee, you will get your $10 back when you check in!


Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on in-person gatherings, 2020 student night programs are on hold until they can be held safely with the proper precautions in place. Contact us for more information.


The Guide to Becoming a CPA

For both college students and post-grad CPA candidates, there are a number of steps you must take to become a licensed CPA. The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies’ (DORA) Board of Accountancy has requirements and regulations.

The Guide to Becoming a CPA is your one stop solution to guide you through the CPA exam process and then getting your CPA license.


Opportunities for CPAs

Is your idea of being a CPA preparing tax returns, doing an audit, sitting in a room by yourself? Think again. Becoming a CPA offers a wide variety of experiences, and career paths. Depending on your interests, your CPA license prepares you for exciting opportunities today and into the future.

Assurance Services

Think of a hot growth area in the economy and you will find a need for Assurance Services. Electronic commerce, risk management, and elder care are just a few areas where CPAs use their analytical and information processing skills to ensure and improve the quality of information for decision-makers.

Consulting Services

CPAs are engaged by individuals, businesses, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to provide objective advice and technical assistance on a variety of business and financial situations.

Environmental CPAs

As businesses take a greater interest in the environment, CPAs are now involved in everything from performing environmental compliance audits, to handling claims and disputes, to setting up preventative systems to ensure compliance and to avoid future claims and disputes.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accountants look beyond the surface of accounting records to determine if fraud has been committed and search for evidence of criminal conduct. Forensic accountants also often assist legal professionals in the litigation process.

Government CPAs

All levels of government—local, state, and national—have CPAs at the helm. Many work in the U.S. General Accounting Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Colorado State Auditor’s Office, and in many local governments.

information technology
Information Technology Services

The growth in information technology has created numerous job opportunities for accounting professionals with strong computer skills who can design and implement advanced systems to meet an organization’s specialized needs.

International Accounting

As business has become more global, cross-border transactions have become more commonplace. This has created a need for accountants possessing a knowledge and understanding of international trade rules, government regulations, and tax laws.

Management CPAs

Also called industrial, corporate, or private accountants, these individuals record and analyze the financial information of the companies for which they work. Other responsibilities include budgeting, performance evaluation, cost management, asset management, and strategic planning. Many CPAs run both large and small companies.

Non-Profit CPAs

CPAs are asked to direct all the financial operations of the non-profit. Non-profits either hire or contract with CPAs to handle all the accounting-related issues and audits.

CPAs in Public Practice

Public accountants perform a broad range of accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting activities for their clients, who may be small and large companies, governments, nonprofit organizations, and a wide variety of other entities and individuals.

Tax and Financial Planning

CPAs offer financial planning assistance to individuals, companies, and organizations. They may identify financial objectives and counsel on the risk, liquidity and management, and tax characteristics of investments. As tax and financial planning specialists, CPAs are involved in everything from preparing tax returns, to helping restructure a multinational corporation’s investment portfolio to minimize its tax liability.

Valuation Services

Determining the fair value of personal or public property, a business, or net assets is very complex. CPAs who provide valuation services deal with these issues in order to provide independent and accurate conclusions. This information can be used for mergers and acquisitions, real estate, divorce settlements, and a plethora of other transactions.

Other Resources

A Guide to becoming a CPA